1. Free software updates.
  2. Lifetime technical support.
  3. Five Accounts Activations.
  4. Lifetime License.

The version is a demo version and has many limitations. Most features are only available in the Pro version. It’s used to try the product for free before purchasing it.

What this tool is

Trend Line Scanner based on Trend Screener Indicator.

A technical indicator that is working as a module to display all TREND SCREENER Indicator signals ( TREND LINE )  as a Dashboard.


1. Trend Line Map is a Trend Line Scanner based on Trend Screener Indicator. Please make sure that you get Trend Screener Pro before getting Trend Line Map indicator.

2.  If you don’t have Trend Screener Pro Indicator, the Trend Line Map Pro it will not work.

Advantages You Get Easy

  1. Visual and effective Trend Line Buy and Sell Signal.
  2. Never repaints, never back paints, never recalculates after bar closing.
  3. Display Buy and Sell signals based on Currencies and TimeFrames.
  4. Display the profit/loss in pips of all live signals.
  5. Display the timing of signals.
  6. Getting Alerts to buy and sell alerts.

How to use Trend Screener indicator 

  1. You buy Trend Screener Pro version indicator.
  2. You Buy Trend Map Line Pro version indicator.
  3. You attach the Trend line Map indicator in the chart.
  4. You will get alerts and getting buy/sell signals and monitoring the profit/loss of every active signal.
  5. You can monitor the Intraday Signals or Swing Signals.



MT4 Screener is a product owned by S.S.COMPANY,  Registration Number 1518964C  (Tunisia)